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  "Thanks again for a wonderful site and for helping me pass my motorcycle test!" Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.  
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Shri. Venkateshwarlu, Joint Transport Commissioner, Hyderabad Road Transport Authority, has officially launched India's FIRST Online Sample Drivers License practice test website (DrivingTest.in) on 14th October 2009 at News Services Syndicate, Hyderabad. This website contains the Driving Test Track pictures and procedures as well.
You have     left to complete this ONLINE TEST   
Online Sample Driving Test - Driving License
 1. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Cycle Crossing
 Compulsory Ahead or Turn Right
 Compulsory Cycle Track
 None of these
 2. "Extra care should be taken near "  
 Shopping Areas
 Busy Intersections
 All of the Above
 3. What does this traffic sign mean ?
 Guarged Level crossing in 100 Meters distance.
 Un-guarged Level crossing in 100 Meters distance.
 Guarged Level crossing in 200 Meters distance.
 Un-guarged Level crossing in 200 Meters distance.
 4. To drive on the road, learners must  
 Have taken professional instruction.
 Have a valid Learners License
 Apply for a driving test within 12 Months
 None of these
 5. When entering a main road  
 Move ON, you have the right of the way
 Stop, Look and Go
 Slow down, Blow Horn and Move On
 None of these
 6. For which one should you use your hazard warning lights?  
 When you are temporarily obstructing traffic.
 To warn following traffic of a hazard ahead
 When you are parking in a restricted area ( In emergency)
 All of these
 7. " You are driving in traffic at the permitted speed limit for the road. The driver behind is trying to overtake. You should "  
 Keep a steady course and allow the driver behind to overtake
 Move closer to the car ahead, so the driver behind has no room to overtake.
 Wave the driver behind to overtake when it is safe.
 Accelerate to get away from the driver behind.
 8. How many people are allowed to carry on a two wheeler  
 As many as can fit
 Only one
 Two, one in front and one at the back
 None of these
 9. " You are approaching a mini roundabout. The long vehicle in front is signalling left but positioned over to the right. You should "  
 Keep well back
 Sound your horn
 Overtake on the left
 Follow the same course as the Long Vehicle
 10. When are you allowed to use hazard warning lights ?  
 When stopped and temporarily obstructing traffic ( Because of emergency)
 When driving during darkness without headlights
 When parked for shopping on double yellow lines.
 When travelling slowly because you are lost.
 11. On a road with a single broken line where traffic is travelling in opposite directions, you can  
 Move in either Lane
 Stick to your Lane and Overtake with care
 Overtake from the Left
 None of these
 12. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than car drivers because they are affected more by changes in road surface  
 Ride at Higher Speeds
 Take corners at Higher Speeds
 Can accelerate faster than cars
 None of these
 13. You are involved in an accident. A passenger in another vehicle is slightly injured. Do you have to report it to the Police ?  
 No. The injured passenger should decide whether to report it or Not .
 Yes. You must report it within 28 Days
 Yes. You must report it to the police as soon as possible, within 24 Hours.
 No. Slight Injuries should not involve Police
 14. You are waiting to come out of a side road. Why should you watch carefully for motorcycles?  
 Police patrols often use Motorcycles.
 Motorcycles are usually faster than cars
 Motorcycles are small and hard to see
 None of these
 15. You stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at zebra corssing, They do not start to cross. What shoud you do ?  
 Be patient and Wait.
 Wave them to cross
 Sound your horn
 Drive ON
 16. You are coming up to a roundabout. A cyclist is signalling to turn right. What should you do ?  
 Give the cyclist plenty of room
 Overtake from the right
 Give a horn warning
 Do not bother
 17. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Compulsory Turn Left
 Compulsory Turn Left Ahead
 Compulsory ahead or Turn Left
 None of these
 18. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Width Limit
 Height Limit
 Speed Limit
 None of these
 19. You are driving behind two cyclists. They approach a roundabout in the left-hand lane. In which direction should you expect the cyclists to go ?  
 Any direction
 Straight Ahead
 20. You are following a large lorry on a wet road. Spray makes it difficult to see. You should  
 Put your headlights on Full Beam.
 Drop back until you can see better
 Keep close to the lorry, away from the spray.
 Speedup and overtake quickly
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