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  "Thanks again for a wonderful site and for helping me pass my motorcycle test!" Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.  
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Shri. Venkateshwarlu, Dy. Commissioner, Hyderabad Road Transport Authority, has officially launched India's FIRST Online Sample Drivers License practice test website (DrivingTest.in) on 14th October 2009 at News Services Syndicate, Hyderabad.
Online Sample Test
 What is Sample test ?
1) We Give you 10 Learning/Learners Driving Licence Test Questions Free !
2) Each Learners/Learning Licence Test Question Carries One Mark!
3) You Have to score a minimum of 8 Marks!
4) Be Prepared to be free for atleast 10 Mins !
  Once you are done, You may register for more questions based on the marks you score in the 'Free Online Learners/Learning Licence Sample Test'. If Less than 8!
  All the Best!
Online Driving Licence Test
 How many questions does each test session have ?
20 Questions per Indian Learning/Learners Licence Practice Test.
 What is the pass mark in the real time exam ?
The pass mark and Number of questions may vary from One State Government to other across all Indian states. There may be certain rules implied by certain state government’s because of security reasons (Such as usage of Helmet etc).
  (1) 1 Mark for Each India n Learning/Learners Licence Practice Test Questions.
  (2) Atleast 1 Session of Indian Learning/Learners Licence Practice Test per day.
  (3) It is better Advised that you Practice as many number of Test Sessions & Test Questions as possible. The more you practice, the more confident you are for the Learning/Learners Driving Licence Test Questions. It is also advised that you may also visit our resources and More traffic signs pages to gain better knowledge. Try to think accident proof wisely ! There are descriptions for few questions followed after you submit test in the answer sheet. These would explain you the cause behind the rule !
  All the Very Best !
About Learners License Questions
 How many questions will I get to practice on www.drivingtest.co.in?
There are about 70 Questions based on Traffic Signs and 165 based on Road Rules etc in total.
 What are the different Road Transport Authorities ?
Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Authority
Karnataka Road Transport Authority
Kerala Road Transport Authority
Validity of Subscription
 How long is my subscription valid ?
The validity of subscription to Online Indian Learners License Tests or Indian Driving Tests is for a period of 30 days. Within these thirty days, the subscriber would be able to take as many Online Indian learners license sample Tests as he/she may wish.
 How to get a Driving License in India
Click here to read our useful guide on 'How to get Driving License in INDIA'
 How to pay ?
We have three payment methodologies: -
  1) Credit Cards & Debit Cards
We accept all debit and credit card transactions via paypal. The amount charged is Rs.111 (or 2.5 US dollars) inclusive of service tax and paypal charges for a period of 30 days.
  2) Online Transfer
Approach your banker and find out if it is possible from that branch. Once you transfer the amount a unique online transaction code is generated. Kindly quote the transaction code with the word Register in the subject line. Within 24 Hours your registration would be authorised.
 Bank Name :  Canara BANK
 Account Name :  Phani K V
 Account No. :  0670101023942
 Account Branch :  Uppal ,  Hyderabad,
 Andhra Pradesh - India
 IFSC Code :  CNRB 0000670
  3) How to pay by Cash ?
We do not accept cash payments however, a DD for Rs.111/-(includes service tax) favouring V.Sharada, payable at Canara Bank, Hyderabad may be drawn. Please ensure that you mention your email id and Mobile Number at the back of DD. Kindly post it to the following address : Driving Test, No. 2-16-114/2, Prashanti Nagar Colony, Uppal, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500039

  The information provided in this website is solely for the purpose of practicing for the Indian Learners License Test and the owner is not responsible for any discrepancies arising out of it. The owner of this website accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss or inconvenience sustained by anyone using this website. Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved worldwide. This is a private website and is not affiliated to any Government Body or Road Transport Authority in India.

DrivingTest's Driving License Preparatory Course consist a database of hundreds of questions similar to those found on the Government Transport Department's Road Rules Test and Road Signs.
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